Before going to the CONTACT US PAGE, please read thru this page for the most common questions and answers. You can find all prices on the HOME PAGE of the website.

Question: Does Gears come with Mayfair Pro?

Answer: No. But if you would like to get Mayfair Pro, please go to

Question: How do i pay for my subscription?

Answer: No need to pay since it is setup for auto payment.

Question: How do i cancel my subscription?

Answer: Go to paypal and click on manage subscription. Click on the subscription you have and hit cancel.

Question: How fast can i get my username and password?

Answer: Normally within 2-4 hours. In extreme circumstances, it could take up to 12 hours.

Question: How do i get my username and password?

Answer: We send an email that is affiliated with your paypal email.

Question: Where can i get instructions on how to download.

Answer: Once you go thru paypal, you should see a return to merchant at the bottom. Click that and it will redirect you to the site for downloading instructions.