Before going to the CONTACT US PAGE, please read thru this page for the most common questions and answers. You can find all prices on the HOME PAGE of the website.

Subscription Questions

How do i cancel my subscription?
Go to paypal and click on manage subscription. Click on the subscription you have and hit cancel. You can also go to the home page and click on cancel.
How do i get my username and password?

We send an email that is affiliated with your PayPal email.

How fast can i get my username and password?

Less then an hour. In some rare cases, it can take up to 6 hours.

Is this Gears, Gears Reloaded, or Mayfair?

No it is not.

Once i purchased a subscription, do i need to pay it monthly or is it auto pay?

It is set to auto pay so no need to buy again.

Apps and Devices

Can 1 connection do 4 way split screen?

Yes it can.

How do i download the app for Android devices?

Go to the play store, search Smarters App and download.

How do i download the app for Fire TV devices and Firesticks?
How do i download the app in iOS?

Currently not available. You can try and go to the app store and search Smarters App.

I have the app now what, how do i login, what url do i input?
Is there a guide for using TiviMate?
What device do I need to use for my subscription?

You will need an Android device or an Amazon Fire TV Stick.


I am having issues with buffering/stuttering/freezing. What can I do?

Your internet could be having issues, first try clear cache, restart modem & router. If no luck, try a VPN and see if it helps. Here is a good VPN. GO HERE